Two simple principles of food and wine pairing

Pair the qualities of flavor

One of the most important rules of wine pairing is to match a gentle wine to gentle flavored food  and a strong wine to strongly flavored food. A gentle wine will end up be too weak and unflavored  if you serve it with a strong flavored dish like a roast. Dishes with strong, spicy, and bold flavors are a perfect much for strong, bold-flavored wines.

That is also true for dishes with fruit components such as pork with pineapple glaze, roasted and stews with apricots or figs, and so on. These dishes often pair well with fruity wines that have fruity aromas.


Choose a wine which is adaptable

When you want to choose a wine, it is best if you choose one that has adaptability.

As for the white wines, the Sauvignon Blanc is considered to be such a adaptable wine that will pair greatly with fish, light appetizers and even pultry dishes.

The most flexible red wines either have good acidity, such as the famous Italian Chianti wine, or they have fruity notes and are not heavy on tannin. They are the best pair for a wide range of dishes, especially those containing meat and heavy sauces.