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GELATO: is it just an Ice Cream?

I often get asked about Gelato: is it just another name for ice cream? well….the answer is no. The difference is both in the way it is produced and in the ingredients. Gelato is usually handcrafted with Natural Ingredients: good old milk and cream, fresh fruits or natural flavors such as cocoa, crushed nuts, dried […]

Recipe for homemade gnocchi

When it comes to Italian food, the simplest things are the most difficult. Gnocchi, the delicious potato dumplings, are made of few ingredients: just flour, potatoes and eggs, but it is the proportion that make it or break it. Put too much flour and your gnocchi will be hard and floury. Put too much potato, […]

Two simple principles of food and wine pairing

Pair the qualities of flavor One of the most important rules of wine pairing is to match a gentle wine to gentle flavored food  and a strong wine to strongly flavored food. A gentle wine will end up be too weak and unflavored  if you serve it with a strong flavored dish like a roast. […]