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GELATO: is it just an Ice Cream?

I often get asked about Gelato: is it just another name for ice cream? well….the answer is no. The difference is both in the way it is produced and in the ingredients. Gelato is usually handcrafted with Natural Ingredients: good old milk and cream, fresh fruits or natural flavors such as cocoa, crushed nuts, dried raisins etc. etc.

Using egg is optional, in fact our Gelato does not have eggs. In Industrial gelato there is massive use of powder milk and milk improvers (to maximize profits) and artificial flavors: a few drops of artificial flavors and the ice cream is ready.



Then there is the procedure: gelato is made in small batches in the premises of the place in which it is sold. That guarantees freshness. Moreover, because of the way it is made  it does not incorporate as much AIR as the Industrial gelato. So the texture of Gelato is heavier and it is also more nutritious.

It is not as light and fluffy and smooth as an artificial product which incorporates much more air and also usually contains some artificial smoothing agent. Some people might be disappointed by gelato texture, as they are used to smoother products and do not know the value and characteristics of a genuine product, but when we explain all this, well…they start to really appreciate it.